About Us

ZeeEight12 Nigeria Limited: Cleanse Glow Grow

The story behind

With a rising awareness of a myriad skin hazards brought by the chemical-rich skin products, people these days are becoming much more inclined towards organic products.

Being aware that only nature can truly nurture, ZeeEight12 Nigeria Limited was established in 2016 to develop and produce the most natural bath, body and hair

products for the entire family. A proudly Nigerian Company with over 95% of its ingredients locally sourced.

Our Product Range

With a passion and our desire to help others love their skin, owing to the saying, 'you are what you eat and feed your skin with', we developed products for general wellbeing,

complexion issues and skin conditions (acne, eczema psoriasis, ringworm and rashes).

With a growing portfolio of products, we have a soaps range (Bar, Liquid and Paste), Body Blends, Creams & Oils, Face Wash, Sunscreen, Hair and Beard Shampoos and Hair Oils and Creams) that cater naturally, hygienically and safely to the hair and skin.

Our Target Audience:

Everyone. Men, Women and Children, young and old are the beneficiaries of all our products. Its family oriented and is safe for everyone to use.



By harnessing nature's gifts and ‘Shea’ wealth, create natural beauty experience for every body.


By developing and producing high quality natural cleanse, glow and grow products, we aspire to be the most responsive guide in your daily beauty and wellness regime.

We aim to be the market leader in natural cosmetic care manufacturing in Nigeria, increasing our corporate reputation and breaking into new markets within Africa and beyond.